Carl’s Jr. Angels – We Did it!!!

We did it!  We paid for the person behind us.

My daughter had gymnastics practice yesterday after school and wanted to stop by Carl’s Jr. for her “usual”. She always has an Oreo milkshake with no whip cream at Carl’s Jr. when she is allowed to splurge. They get quite a workout at gymnastics for 1.5 hours, so why not. And.. I wanted to spread a little love and joy by “I’m paying for the person behind me” mentioned in my last blog.

As we were pulling up to the drive-thru, I told my daughter about what happened in Florida at the McDonalds (see link above).  She is only 7, so she had a lot of questions.  Once she grasped the concept, she was screaming in excitement and couldn’t wait to see how the person behind us would react.

I told her that we wouldn’t be able to see their reaction because we would be driving off and that wasn’t the point.  Matthew 6:1 (paraphrasing) says to do our acts of kindness not for the attention of men but only for God. We want God’s attention and recognition first and foremost.  And yes, of course, there are times when we do get to see the smile on someone’s face by doing something extra special and that is all good too.  I didn’t want her to think it was all about getting on the news or getting tons of attention.

I am sure my daughter is as tired of my lectures and explanations as I was with my Dad’s at her age.  Some days I thought he would never stop the talking and just get on with it… and the apple doesn’t fall far from the trees.

See what I mean …. any hoo…

We finally ordered and got to the cashier.  I told him I was paying for my order and for the person’s behind me and all he had to do was tell them Merry Christmas from the car in front of you.  He got a big smile on his face and said, “Really?”.  He told a few people and they all came to the window to check my daughter and I out – like we had just done something super crazy.

We got our food. My daughter unbuckled herself and jumped in the very back of my SUV so she could wave and scream, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” at the top of her lungs to the person behind us.  It was precious!

I have no idea what their reaction was because it was a drive-thru, we were in a hurry, and I couldn’t really see.  And, I haven’t seen anything in the news so I am sure we didn’t start a chain reaction. It doesn’t really matter.  The joy that it brought to my daughter and I was enough.  I am sure he / she didn’t see us as angels, but I a pretty sure he / she had a smile on their face.

We decided that from now until Christmas no matter what we are grabbing, a Starbucks, lunch at Panera Bread, or Subway, we are going to buy our stuff and the person’s stuff in line behind us. We may continue it beyond Christmas. Who knows.  You will have to keep reading to see.

I will have more angel stories and people helping people in the upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!