Angels All Around Us – Introduction

There are books about Angels, songs about Angels, news stories, TV shows and accounts from people who swear they were helped by a personal guardian angel. There have even been polls taken to see how many American’s believe that angels do exist.  And you know …most Americans do believe in angels.I am not here to prove if they exist or not. 
I am not going to try to convince you one way or the other.  Whether you believe in angels in the heavenly realm is your business. But, I think that most of us will agree that there are angels all around us – people helping people.The purpose of this blog is to provide inspirational, positive stories about the great things (big and small) that are happening around us because of businesses, organizations, and individuals and yes maybe angels who want to share love and goodwill and want to make this world a better place.
The news and social media will have you believe that there is nothing good happening and nobody is getting along.  I am here to try to spread some love through beautiful stories about angels (spiritual) and humans that are “angels”. I hope that it blesses your day and fills your heart with hope and love.  And, maybe, just maybe you will be inspired to be someone’s angel in the “humanly” realm.

If you do take action, I hope you get in touch with me here so I can share YOUR story!

Check out this video out… it will make you think twice! Do you believe in angels?

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward?  If not, you may have lived under a rock… just kidding.  Check it out on Netflix or Amazon Prime or wherever you rent your movies. Basically, a teacher gives a boy an assignment to come up with something that would change the world and then act on it. So, the boy, Trevor, comes up with paying it forward – repaying a good deed done to you by doing 3 good deeds to three other people.  Those three people, in turn, will do good deeds for three other people and so on.  And the world becomes a better place – THE END. Okay, not really.

Let’s take a look at an example of paying it forward that happened just LAST WEEK!  In Florida, at a McDonald’s, a customer came through the drive-thru and  told the McDonald’s cashier, Marisabel Lopez, that she wanted to pay for her meal and the person’s meal behind her.  The only thing she asked Marisabel to do is tell the customer in the car behind her “Merry Christmas”.  And you know what happened? A chain reaction of paying it forward took place!!!  250 people paid for the car behind them. It’s only a meal from McDonald’s you may think … but I bet it put a smile on the faces of 250 people and made their day a bit brighter.

It is motivating me to go do the same today – who knows maybe it will motivate you as well. Let’s see …. where should I go to pay it forward – Starbucks…. or maybe Chic-fil-A … my daughter’s fav.  I’ll report back tomorrow!