Inspirational People

Recently, I have been reading stories and becoming inspired by people who people who have overcome extremely difficult circumstances in their life and have turned their struggles into ways to inspire others.  Check some of my favorites out below:


Randy Pausch: He is the co-author of a book called “The Last Lecture”.  He is known for his inspirational lecture given at Carnegie Mellon.  He taught computer science.  In 2006, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told he only had 3 months to live.  He lived for 3 years and in those 3 years inspired millions of people all over the world to follow their dreams.  You can go to YouTube and listen to that speech here.


He died in 2008, but he continues to inspire people through his book and his lecture.


Nick Vujicic: Nick is from Australia and he has a disease that is called Tetra-amelia syndrome. He has no limbs, yet he surfs, swims, plays golf and soccer.  He is a husband, father, and a motivational speaker.  His story is truly amazing.


His website is and he has a book titled,”Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life.

If you are feeling down his book and his story will definitely inspire you.  He basically asks you why you aren’t happy if he is?  Most of us will never face the challenges he has and yet he is full of joy and wanting to help others find joy as well.

Misty Copeland: Misty is the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. But that isn’t the inspirational part of her story.  She was living in a motel room with her 5 brothers and sisters when she found ballet at 13 years of age. AND, she was dancing en pointe 3 months after her 1st dance class.  If there was ever a description of a prodigy, this would be it. She was dancing classically professionally in just a year!  The best part is that Misty is focused on giving back.  She mentors young girls and boys and works with dozens of charitable organizations   She also has a book.  it is called “Life in Motion”.

Steve Jobs: You have to have heard of Steve Jobs.  He is Apple.  He has inspired people in every field of business and he started the personal computer revolution.  He had a harsh personality, it is said, but he was a visionary and an inspiration. He also was on overcomer.  He was unwanted by his biological parents. He wasn’t always wealthy.  He was so broke at one good point he ate free meals at local Hare Krishna center.  He turned every obstacle into an opportunity and became one of the most respected CEO’s of any company.  He did not let circumstances get in the way of his dreams and he always dreamed BIG!

These are just a few of my recent favorites.  Search the internet, go to a book store or look to someone next door to find someone that inspires you!

Get in touch with me here if you have a story you could like to share.